Ellen Brethauer

I recently completed cataract surgery on both eyes with Dr. Erik Barrett, of Barrett Eye Care. I elected to do this surgery because of difficulty with night driving. The surgery was performed 2 weeks apart at the Beltway Surgery Center. Because of astigmatism in both eyes, I chose Toric lenses instead of the Standard lenses. These were not covered by Medicare, but the extra cost was well worth it. I now have better than 20/20 vision in both eyes for distance, without glasses, and use low numbered reading glasses. The surgery was pain free, stress free, and quite easy. The staff at Beltway was friendly, caring and the facility top notch. I highly recommend Barrett Eye Care to anyone needing any type of eye care, especially surgery.

Ann E. McFarland

This past year, I had been experiencing some rather troublesome problems with my eyes (vision and contact lens issues). Dr. Erik Barrett was highly recommended to me, and after the first visit I knew why. I felt completely at ease during and after the appointment. He didn't "cut" corners to get me out so he could see the next patient; he listened, examined, and recommended. I did have to have surgery with lens replacement, and of course, I was nervous. Dr. Barrett was a calm and caring presence, as was the entire staff at the office and the surgery center. It is a pleasure to do business with and be in the care of such a wonderful doctor and his staff. 20/20 is a great number to acquire!

Diane Bragg

Dr. Erik Barrett and his fine staff earn 100% approval for their attention to detail prior to my cataract surgery. He communicates in "laymen's" terms so that his patients feel secure and comfortable. The scheduling, pre-op medications, surgical center staff, and post-op visits exceeded all expectations -- I am grateful.

Saher Hadi

I've been going to eye doctors for many years and can honestly say that Dr. Barrett is the best. Makes you feel very comfortable and that he actually cares to make sure that he helps you out. Everything he did was in MY best interest. Also, his staff was more than helpful and very nice. I would recommend Dr. Barrett to my friends and family!!!!

Ryan Mull

Dr. Barrett and his staff have been great, and I don't feel like I am being rushed in and out, like most medical professionals these days . Dr. Barrett was very attentive and did a good job explaining what problems I had with my eyes and what options I had available to address those issues. I didn't know how bad my eye sight had gotten until I got my glasses and now I can see so much better. The staff was very friendly and helpful too. They worked with me on a couple different prescriptions for my glasses and helped me get the right fit.

Todd Wallace

Todd Wallace

I'd worn glasses since I was a small child. In fact, I didn't know life without them. As I got older, contacts were an improvement for my overall appearance and quality of life. But I knew surgery would be the only way for me to have a permanent "fix" to my vision problems. My epi-lasik procedure was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive. After all, I only have one pair of eyes. However, whatever anxiety I felt eventually left due to Dr. Barrett's quiet confidence and mastery of the procedure. I knew I was in good hands! I'll never forget the day when, a few days after the procedure, I literally blinked and suddenly saw clearly without the aid of contacts or glasses. I screamed! That following morning, the vision "popped" in my other eye. I rushed back into the office, read the chart and was told "20/20." Dr. Barrett gave me a high-five. He seemed as happy for me as I was for myself. The only question I have surrounding my decision to have epi-lasik is "What took me so long?" I can wake up without searching for my glasses, put my head underwater with my eyes open, and not have to worry about cleaning or removing my contacts due to particles or dust. That's all a thing of the past. And so is my poor vision. The future looks bright - and clear.

S.P. Cripe

Good Eyesight is a “quality of life issue.” Dr. Barrett and his staff put me at ease about my impending cataract surgeries. They gave me clear instructions on what to expect before surgery and after surgery. Don’t wait like I did, because the sky is so blue and the improvement in my overall quality of life is dramatic. Thank you, Dr. Barrett!